What is a Radically Curly® Cut? It's built on the foundation of shape and original curl pattern of the hair. The finished shape will allow any curl type to achieve the best curly style for your face & head shape, body type and bone structure. The ultimate outcome will be perfect for 2nd and 3rd day hair. Your wash-n-go, and diffused styles will be effortless. Natural hair twist out looks will have a shape thats easy to maintain. Should Curly hair be cut wet or dry? In most cases dry to determine the bounce back, length, and health of the hair when it's natural. Can it be cut wet? Yes. But there is a possibility that the length and shape could be compromised due to the weight of the water holding the curls down which could give a false read in the bounce back. Although cutting curly hair is much different than cutting straight hair it requires skill and personalized crafting.

"Radically Curly® was created to help heal generations of wounds caused by shame and abuse of natural hair. Having curly hair myself I understand texture and want to share my knowledge and provide you with easy solutions." 

Danielle Green
Salon Owner/Founder
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