Celebrate Your Curls 

Curly hair is wildly different from straight hair, but few hair salons know how to care for textured hair. At Radically Curly in Las Vegas, NV, we feel you should get the expert hair care you deserve. We specialize in curly hair-we're ready and excited to help you rock the fabric of your hair. 

Come to our hair salon for the ultimate experience. Our team of artists understands how to work with curls instead of working against them, and we love how unique each customer's hair is. We'll play to your hair's strengths to enhance your look-and we'll never, ever hair shame you.

Radically Curly understands and works with all textures from hair that's straight as a pin to hair that curls in all sorts of ways. We're comfortable with all sorts of shapes and styles, and we work expertly with hair colors Our goal is to be a trustworthy salon to any type of customer-no matter who you are or what your hair looks like, we'll take care of you when you walk through our door.

Aside from hair care, we also provide makeup artists if you have a big day coming up. Take a look at the talented artists on our staff and their work to see what we can do for you.


Get beautiful grey coverage, highlights, and lowlights, custom vivid colors, ombre, and balayage. Book a complimentary consultation to discover the best choice for you.
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Texture is either fine, medium or coarse hair. Our goal is to provide styling options, suggest product recommendations and at home maintenance for each individual type of hair. 
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All hair types are welcome at Radically Curly® straight, wavy, kinky, and curly! Our stylists are equipped with advanced training, skills and talent to achieve creative style, coloring, shape and healthy hair. 
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We Would Love to Have You Visit Soon!

During business hours we are usually booked with clients without any breaks.
If you need to call us please keep this in mind. We will return calls text or emails as soon as possible. 
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